Our Work

We use dance and movement to reveal tacit information about you, your team and your organization with the purpose of transformation and change. From this information we guide you into action strategies.

We offer coaching, workshops and change programs in which dance and movement are used as a method of going really fast to the essence of your personal, team or organizational challenge. We offer a clear view on potential action strategies for obtaining organizational goals.

Flow Compass

As a cognitive explanation for our work, we use the Flowcompass. It gives insight into the integral philosophy of our work. Our clients are very proficient in the North and West of the model. Since mankind dance is used to unveil future needs and possibilities and open up for change on an individual and collective level (East). The results of the east have to be communicated in a connecting way (South). We do not know any method better to do this than to dance.

When you want to use the intelligence of non-verbal information in the board room, but movement or dance by the boardroom members is too challenging, we offer consulting sessions in which participants do not need to move themselves. Please contact us for the possibilities.

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